Where we shoot

Outdoor season

Ferry MeadowsWe shoot on Oak Meadow in Ferry Meadows Country Park, which is situated on the west side of Peterborough. It is a beautiful setting with good facilities including an excellent cafe and toilet facilities with separate disabled toilet area.

We have enough space to practice any target round and the shooting line is nicely sheltered from the wind on three sides.

Car parking is next to the shooting ground and has dedicated disabled parking places.

Our outdoor season and shooting programme starts in March and ends in October. This does not mean that members and guests cannot use the grounds throughout winter season if they wish.

During the Summer season we shoot as a club on a Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Every Sunday morning there is a suggested round on the shooting calender. Wednesday and Thursday is for practice but there is no reason why members cannot set up and shoot a round should they wish.

Members can shoot at the ground every week of the year within daylight hours, on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Please Note Archery GB (GNAS) rules apply to lone shooting and there must always be at least two people present at all times.

Indoor season

Focus HallFor the indoor seasons, we will shoot on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the Focus Community Centre which is situated in the Dogsthorpe area of Peterborough.

On Mondays evenings we hold our beginners courses and practice nights starting at 6-30pm. On Wednesday nights at 7.00pm we shoot a nominated round and we have a comprehensive shooting programme which covers all rounds that can be shot at 20yds. or 18m.

Upcoming events
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