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At Nene we are very proud of our Juniors, we encourage and support them so that they can meet their own goals, whether that is to be able to hit the target at 30 yards or to shoot for England.

Junior Club Membership only costs £46.00 per year, which includes Archery GB Membership. Target fees (indoors) are £5.00 per session.

BadgesThe Archery GB Progress Awards are designed to provide beginners and younger archers with awards for developing their archery skills. The junior age groups are aligned with 5 educational key stages. The scheme can also be used as an adult beginner incentive.The scheme is open to all archers and is operated by archery clubs or by schools, youth groups and similar who practice target archery. There is no requirement for the recipients to be members of Archery GB, although many will be.

There will be a Roll of Honour for those archers achieving the Gold badge, but their names must be registered with the badge scheme co-ordinator. There will also be a Trophy for the Club or School achieving the most number of badges in one year, but again the individual badges must be registered in the same way as the gold award.

For more information on the scheme, visit the site by clicking the Archery GB website.

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If you need to contact our club for information on joining us as an existing archer, as a beginner interested in one of our courses, or for any general information, please e-mail us.

E-mails will be re-directed to the relevant member of the club for action.

Of course, you could always drop in and see us on most Sundays, weather permitting, when we shoot at Nene Park Ferry Meadows in the area behind the Lakeside Leisure Centre and Cafe.

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